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Few filmmakers have generated as great a body of lurid gossip, myth and speculation as Donald Cammell. He was the creator and driving force behind Performance, one of fhe most startling and innovative British cult classics. The film starred Mick Jagger and James Fox and is a psychedelic document of wild times and, in many ways, the closest thing to a biography of Cammell. ... The director is reput... Read more
Westerns, screw-ball comedies, film noir, detective thrillers, gangster flicks, even musicals - Howard Hawks, hailed as the quintes­sential auteur, tackled every possible film genre with equal facility. His was amongst the most enduring, accomplished and versatile directorial careers. Yet in comparison with such contempo­raries as Hitchcock and Ford, whose reputations became synonymous with their ... Read more
A historic cinematic experiment shot by thousands of people in 192 countries, Life in a Day is the true story of a single day on Earth. ... Last year, YouTube asked its users to upload a film capturing something about their lives on 24 July 2010 - an attempt to create a unique snapshot of a day on Earth, over 24 hours, from all corners of the world. ... Assembled from more than 80,000 clips and 4,... Read more
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