Films By Kjell Grede

Harry Munter is a dreamy, precocious youth. He's also rather a genius, having invented some kind of electronic equipment which has come to the notice of an American company. ... Last year Harry went through the process of acquiring book knowledge. Now he's learning about life and death. And particularly, about love. Death frightens and fascinates him. Meanwhile, he attempts to work out whom he lik... Read more
A lonely seven-year-old daughter of a clergyman runs away from home with her young fatherless friend, Hugo, and together they explore the dreams of childhood through the glorious Swedish summer in colours and romance redolent of a pre-pubescent Elvira Madigan. ... Based on some charming Swedish children's books, this is the first feature of Kjell Grede, the 32-year-old husband of Bibi Andersson, a... Read more
Helge, Iike Kjell Grede's other heroes in Hugo and Josefin and Harry Munter, is a young man in love with life. He lives with his mother, a boarder named Pussy, and her young son. He is outgoing and generous, but also, rather accident prone. It is during one of his accidents that he meets a girl who calls herself Klara Lust. Helge's infatuation with her is clear and, fearing he may never see her ag... Read more
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