Films By Kurt Gloor

This is not the usual film about the idyllic existence of the Swiss peasants living in the snow-clad mountains, yodelling with carefree abandon. It is about those peasants who have lost their taste for singing, the real proletariat of Switzerland. ... FIPRESCI Prize, Oberhausen 1970; Quality Prize, Swiss Ministry of the Interior ... Read more
The police pick up a seemingly neglected man who has no identification papers, who cannot speak, and who appears to ... have lost his memory. ... Examinations by doctors and the police ... both fail to throw any light on his origin and the reasons for his inability to speak. Further attempts at establishing the identity of this modern Kaspar Hauser are made in a psychiatric clinic. ... The mysteri... Read more
The film is the expression of its maker's personal fear of his dentist. ... Read more
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