Films By Laurie McInnes

A documentary profile of prize-fighting in Australia today, revolving around four boxers: the many-titled Tony Mundine, former idol Tommy Burns, now in his 60s, and young ... would-be champions Clint Brown and Pat Hailwood. ... Shot around the fight scene in Sydney in 1983, the Elm allows the boxers to speak for themselves, and leaves the audience to ... decide their own attitudes towards a once p... Read more
A merchant ship slowly steams towards the Queensland coast. On board a dying sailor, Max, asks a young colleague, Angel, to take care of some unfinished business; to return a package to someone he calls 'The Deadman', back in his idyllic hometown of Honeyfield. "This is what he's been waiting for — the sweet things money can't buy." However, when the young sailor reaches Honeyfield, it's a rundown... Read more
A young sailor delivers a package for a dead friend and discovers a village full of broken lives in this moody contribution to Australian tropic noir. ... On board a merchant ship heading for Queensland, Angel's dying mentor, Max, asks him to complete some unfinished business on his behalf. Angel agrees to deliver a parcel to a mysterious figure known as ‘The Deadman' in Max's hometown of Honeyfie... Read more
"Nocturnal" fantasy about a man, a bronze metallic Buick Century and the massed machinery of the Sydney City Council cleansing department. ... Read more
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