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A WOMAN IN TRANSIT (Lea Pool, 1984)
Lea Pool was born in Soglio, Switzerland in 1950. She emigrated to Canada in 1975 where she studied Communication Arts at Quebec University before directing numerous video productions, short fiction … Read more

ANNE TRISTER (Lea Pool, 1985)
Anne Trister is a 25 year old Jewish art student who, after the death of her father, abandons Switzerland, her mother and her lover for a new life in Montreal. ... She moves in with a Jewish emigre f… Read more

PINK RIBBONS, INC. (Léa Pool, 2011)
“Indignant and subversive, Pink Ribbons, Inc. resoundingly pops the shiny pink balloon of the breast cancer movement/industry, debunking the ‘comfortable lies' and corporate double-talk that perm… Read more

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