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The story of a day's work at Covent Garden, from the moment when the first lorry arrives in the quiet and shuttered market soon after midnight, through the increasingly busy hours around dawn, until it subsides again into inertia as the last customers, the old flower ladies who sell in the streets at evening, make their modest purchases and depart. ... Lindsay Anderson has managed to insinuate all... Read more
"Fighting means commitment, means believing what you say, and saying what you believe. It will also mean being called sentimental, irresponsible, self-righteous, extremist and out-of-date by those who equate maturity with scepticism, art with amusement, and responsibility with romantic excess. And it must mean a new kind of intellectual and artist, who is not frightened or scornful of his fellows;... Read more
This is a fairy tale abonl the adventures of Mick Travis, a clear-eyed young man urgently determined to succeed. He is training as a coffee salesman for the Imperial Coffee Co. The sudden defection of one of the company's representatives is a stroke of luck for him: the Managing Director dispatches him to the North East, to take over the whole area. ... At his destination, Mick makes new friends: ... Read more
A Woodfall Films project, Red, White and Zero, was recently abandoned. It was to have been a trilogy with three directors. Now each episode is to be released separately. Lindsay Anderson's contribution was The White Bus, an experimental surrealist document about the interaction between the indifference, loneliness and ineffectuality of a London girl clerk and the contemporary world about her. She ... Read more
Wakefield Express was commissioned to celebrate the newspaper's fiftieth anniversary. It tells something of the history and the current operation of the paper and devotes itself to the subjects which occupy the reporters on the "Express" and its associated newspapers: the communal life of a group of towns in the West Riding of Yorkshire. But there is nothing of the impartiality of the "general sur... Read more
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