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Lisandro Alonso follows up last year's revelation at MIFF, Los Muertos, with a self-reflexive feature that is as intriguing as it is elusive. In a complex and highly original play on fiction and reality, Alonso's lead actor from Los Muertos, Argentino Vargas, arrives at the sprawling San Martin Theater in Buenos Aires where he is attending a screening of the film. In his endeavours to locate the s... Read more
"A delicate and enigmatic reflection on the legacy of European imperialism ... its reception in Cannes was ecstatic." – Hollywood Reporter ... In Incan mythology, Jauja was a land of impossible plenty, where all man's material wants could be satisfied. For 19th-century explorer Captain Dinesen (Viggo Mortensen, in his first Danish-speaking role), the lure is too hard to resist, yet when his daught... Read more
The Fipresci-winning [Los Muertos] (Cannes, 2004) places Lisandro Alonso firmly in the ranks of Argentina's best. Alonso achieved much with his 2001 debut feature, [La Libertad], but this powerful and primal film is unequalled in its creation of atmosphere and uncompromising realism. Masterful long takes combine with a beautifully restrained narrative to deliver filmmaking at its best. ... Vargas ... Read more
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