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"Chess and me - it's hard to take them apart." - Bobby Fischer. ... A Grandmaster by the age of 16, Bobby Fischer was to many the greatest chess player who ever lived. A prodigal superstar to adoring fans, and an enigmatic presence whose madness overtook his genius, his trajectory saw him reduced to a reclusive conspiracy theorist and eventually a fugitive from the US government, paranoid and on t... Read more
In 2002 Liz Garbus packed a cinematic whallop MIFF audiences won't soon forget with death-row documentary, The Execution of Wanda Jean. Girlhood focuses on the opposite, but no less lethal, end of the US correctional industry. ... When Shanae was 10, she was gang raped by five boys. She coped with this by telling no one, living on the streets, drinking and taking drugs. By her twelfth birthday, sh... Read more
This unflinching documentary probes a strange and complex murder case. Just before Christmas 1988, Wanda Jean Allen shot and killed her girlfriend in front of an Oklahoma police station. A black lesbian with diminished intellectual capacity and a serious criminal record, Wanda Jean faced the judiciary of a notoriously conservative state. ... If the deck wasn't already stacked, her case was further... Read more
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