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A playful investigation (with a twist) into madness and murder in an isolated region in the south of France. ... A native of the Southern Alps, New Wave filmmaker Luc Moullet noted that cases of mental illness were particularly prevalent in the region, with murder, dismemberment, suicide and immolation, among other thing, being implausibly common. ... Wielding deadpan humour, and with an eye for t... Read more
A droll lamentation about the automation of modern life, by French New Wave filmmaker Luc Moullet. A follow-up to his 1994 short More and More. ... D Luc Moullet P Les Films d'Ici WS Le Fresnoy L French w/English subtitles TD digibeta/2010 ... Read more
"No plot, no story, no main characters. It's a comedy" Luc Moullet ... From his beginnings as a Cahier du Cinema critic and fellow traveller of the Nouvelle Vague, Luc Moullet has followed his own distinctive path over the last 31 years, making just six feature films but dozens of shorts. ... His latest, the ridiculous (off-) road movie Parpaillon, is a homage to Jacques Tati, a delightfully wacky... Read more
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