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Films By Lucinda Clutterbuck

A great deal of material has been produced recently on the Greenhouse effect, but one group of people, who stand to be the most affected by it, seem to have missed out... the early teens. ... A positive and colourful look at environmental issues and some possible solutions. ... Read more
A compilation of 6 x 5 minute pieces (collec­tively known as The Web) showing the damage man has done to threatened wildlife species and what he can do to repair some of that damage. Animators/directors Luanda Clutterbuck and Sarah Watt use various animation mediums and soundtracks to ... Read more
Innovative and deceptively simple, this sparkling animation explores the world of the endearing, delightful and endangered Panda. This short forms just one episode from the recently completed series, The Web, a six-part collection focusing on rare and threatened wildlife around the world. ... Read more
The film is based on documentary footage (of the now extinct Tasmaman Tiger) shot in Hobart in the 1930s. It shows the last Tasmaman tiger in captivity pacing up and down in its cage in the zoo. From this archival footage, the filmmaker has built a beautiful and radiating coloured animation which ... Read more
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