Films By Lukas Moodysson

Following his debut feature, Show Me Love, and his acclaimed Lilya 4-ever, the talented Lukas Moodysson probes further into the dark excesses of human behaviour. Sure to provoke controversy, his fearless A Hole in My Heart explores the shocking world of DIY pornography, reality TV and emotional disconnection. Rickard and his alienated son, Eric, share a dingy apartment in suburbia. Rickard is some... Read more
Originally titled Fucking Amal (an exclamation by one of the protagonists which obviously presented some marketing problems in more prudish territories), Show Me Love is a sensitive story of universal appeal about the trials of sexual identification and awakening in a small town. ... Amal is a sleepy little Swedish burg to say the very least. It's the kind of place where youngsters grow up feeling... Read more
"A joyous celebration of youth, friendship and rebellion." – Time Out London ... It's 1982 and punk is dead, with Joy Division and The Human League now the most popular acts among Swedish high schoolers. Best friends Bobo and Klara may be outcasts for their lingering musical tastes, but it suits their brand of teenage agitation. Rallying against boredom more than a cause, they start their own band... Read more
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