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“Brilliant dissection of a relationship and, more subtly, of class relations in contemporary Germany.” - Hollywood Reporter ... The second film from filmmaker Maren Ade (The Forest for the Trees), Everyone Else was the recipient of multiple awards at the Berlin International Film Festival. ... Over the course of one summer at a secluded villa in Sardinia, Chris and Gitti's relationship charts the ... Read more
"Maren Ade's trenchant, funny and sensitive Everyone Else cuts deeper than an Oscar season's worth of emotional turmoil." – The Village Voice ... Young couple Gitti (Birgit Minichmayr) and Chris (Lars Eidinger) are on holiday in Sardinia. Gitti works in public relations and is loud, theatrical and devoted; Chris is an architect, talented but lacking confidence, and uneasy with commitment. They lov... Read more
"This tartly comic tale of teachers on the verge of a nervous breakdown is not only Maren Ade's marvellous first feature, it was her film school graduation piece. For a first film, it's accomplished; for a college project, it's astonishing." – BBC ... Along with her critical smash Toni Erdmann playing at this year's festival, here's a chance to see the debut work of German director Maren Ade, a fi... Read more
"Brilliantly funny and slyly crushing … this is the finest seesawing ode to fatherhood and filial affection ever to feature a fart cushion. This is Ozu sporting Groucho glasses." – The Playlist ... Indisputably the critical smash at this year's Cannes, the third film from German writer/director Maren Ade (Everyone Else, MIFF 2009) is a dysfunctional father/daughter portrait quite unlike any othe... Read more
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