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Films By Martha Coolidge

Bimbo (Martha Coolidge, 1978)
Kenny is thirty years old, successful, and thinks he is happy when he meets his two best friends from high school for a private reunion They have changed The resulting confrontation causes Kenny to c… Read more

David: Off and On (Martha Coolidge, 1972)
This is a biographical portrait of the filmmaker's brother, David. It follows him from his middle class childhood, through the death of his father, adolescent problems and drug involvement. He spends… Read more

NOT A PRETTY PICTURE (Martha Coolidge, 1975)
A twenty-eight-year-old woman director, Martha Coolidge, made this film about her own rape twelve years earlier, by Curly, a high-school classmate. Not a Pretty Picture is based on her experience at … Read more

Old Fashioned Woman (Martha Coolidge, 1974)
A portrait of the filmmaker's New England grandmother, Mabel Tilton Coolidge. Intercutting between her present attitudes and activities, and the events of her past, recreated with her own photos, the… Read more

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