Films By Michael Almereyda

Another Girl, Another Planet, a dreamy fable about a guy in an East Village walk-up and his serial love life, has gained considerable acclaim and notoriety over the last year, largely due to its unique look and particular production history. Directed by a respected collaborator of Wenders and Beresford, who had already made one large scale feature film (the wonderful Twister, a lost film in most c... Read more
Jon Hamm, Tim Robbins and Geena Davis star in Michael Almereyda's haunting vision of a future where death has become slightly less final. Just think of it as Black Mirror for the humanist set. ... When her husband Walter dies, 85-year-old Marjorie (captivating stage and screen vet Lois Smith) decides to replace him with a Prime – an artificially intelligent avatar that looks and sounds exactly lik... Read more
American photographer William Eggleston introduced colour photography into an art world still clinging to monochrome. When the Museum of Modern Art in New York used Eggleston's work to mark its first one-man colour photographic exhibition in 1976, the museum inflamed outrage in the critics who dismissed the saturated hues and everyday minutiae of his oeuvre as banal and boring. Photographer Ansell... Read more
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