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A post-modern faux-thriller about obsession, guilt and wanting to ‘off' your dad. ... Irascible and lazy, Rupert ‘Ratz' Kramer is a 35-year-old slacker who plays out his patricidal fantasies through the development of a violent computer game. A chance call from an old flame sends him to New York, where he hopes to sell his creation to a games company, but instead becomes embroiled in events that b... Read more
Bombay. Mexico City, Moscow, New York. These four 'megacities' have populations of between eight and 24 million people, numbers unprecedented in human history. Austrian documentary maker Michael Glawogger probes both the micro and macrocosm of human experience, his focus is those at the very lowest rungs of the socio-economic ladder, trying to survive in massive urban centres. His cutting commenta... Read more
Veteran documentary filmmaker Michael Glawogger's fiction feature Slumming, which premiered in competition at the Berlin, is a finely crafted, provocative work. Viennese rich kid Sebastian (August Diehl) lives off inherited money and enjoys playing pranks, with his housemate, on everyone and everything. They are into ‘slumming' or ‘slum tourism', visiting places of social gatherings that they (as ... Read more
“Everyone believes they know something about prostitution, particularly when he or she has never been to a brothel.” - Michael Glawogger ... Director Michael Glawogger takes us on a global tour of the world's oldest profession in the final instalment of his triptych on the nature of work (Megacities, MIFF 98; Workingman's Death, MIFF 05). From Bangkok's glass-walled ‘fish tank' through the multi-s... Read more
Won the Grierson Award at the London Film Festival. ... What would you be prepared to do to earn a living? Michael Glawogger's eye-opening documentary focuses on the extremes to which people will go to earn a wage or, more particularly, those working people that have no choice. ... Told in six chapters and spanning the globe from the decaying coal economy of the Ukraine to the burgeoning blast fur... Read more
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