Films By Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger

A CANTERBURY TALE a 1944 black and white production by Powell and Pressburger. was the first of their productions to be restored by the British National Film Archive The American release version of this originally 124 minute film was cut by 30 minutes The full English release version was restored and presented in London in 1977 at the National Film Theatre, and this occasion was attended by Powell... Read more
Hazel Woodus a Shropshire primitive living with her wild father (a harpist and coffin maker) at the end of the last century is more devoted to her pet fox than she is to human society. She is pursued by a lascivious local squire Jack Reddin of Undern, and although she resists his advances. Jack's image continues to haunt her as the embodiment of unrealised pleasures She marries an ineffectual cler... Read more
It's the occasion for a double celebration: the first screening of Oh...Rosalinda!! on any local theatre or living-room screen for nearly forty years and in the acclaimed new colour restoration as well. Over the last few years, the films of Powell and Pressburger have received critical and public acclaim, and all have been presented at MIFF as new prints became available. But there has been a tant... Read more
Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger's remarkable 163 minute Technicolor British wartime epic has at last been restored and is available for presentation once again in its full length version. Based on a highly original screenplay by Pressburger, and starring Roger Livesey in probably the best performance of his career, as Blimp (based loosely on the David Low cartoon of Colonel Blimp, the highly... Read more
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