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Set in 'swinging London', Antonioni's first English-language film concerns Thomas, a fashion photographer who stumbles on a possible murder. Sliding uneasily between the reality of the actual corpse and his photographic world of delusion, Thomas's decline is inevitable. ... Read more
Antonioni's China is a long way from the England of Blow-up or his American travelogue, Zabriskie Point. After spending six weeks filming in China, he said 'I felt a need to return to my own origins as a film-maker, to come closer to reality in a direct way." The picture was made on super 8 mm film for television, and has already been shown on networks in Italy. Britain and America. ... Chung Kwo ... Read more
II Grtdo, which is immediately pre-L'Aventttra in the Antonioni canon, has the same classical purity and simplicity as the later film and the same Antonioni qualities — complexity of character within a skeletal plot, landscapes charged with loneliness, the strong yet subtle technique of a director who yet remains un-obsessed by technique. ... The story is very simple. Aldo has lived with Irma for ... Read more
In "La Nolle", Antonioni renews the theme of "L'Avventura" with extended and refined style. The story is told allusively at first, with frequent interpolations. It is only after a great many external impressions have been assimilated, and the characters have defined themselves in their situation, that the film acquires its full concentration. The film opens viewing Milan from the moving lift of a ... Read more
Superficially, L'avventura is a love story, a somewhat mysterious one. During a yacht cruise, a girl disappears on a lonely island; her girl friend and lover search vainly for her. Relationships between these characters are established only to be modified as the story proceeds, and the outcome of the mystery is not revealed. ... Read more
Antonioni's film about working people is set in the bleak winter landscape of the Po Valley. Aldo is abandoned, together with his child, by his lover, Irma, who deserts him tor another man. His life is shattered and nothing but death can free him from the memory of a love that had become his whole life. ... Read more
A widowed queen, living aloof from her people, restlessly travels from one castle to another. The people know little of her. Her enemies send a young poet to assassinate her. The plot is uncovered and the poet escapes, but accidentally meets the queen. She initially sees her dead husband whom the young man resembles. ... The plot of this film is adapted from Jean Cocteau's The Eagle Has Two Heads.... Read more
The Passenger is Antonioni's first feature film in nearly four years. Jack Nicholson plays an experienced and disillusioned television reporter. He has adjusted to the limitations of his job, yet he is aware of his own inadequacy in probing through stories of disaster and tragedy. His last chance to take on a new and meaningful role comes with the death of a British adventurer in a small North Afr... Read more
The Red Desert is a pessimistic study of a neurotic woman, set against the background of a ravaged mineral landscape. Guiliana, unhappy with her dispassionate husband, attempts a sympathetic relationship with a stranger, only to find that he too can offer no more than mere physical love. ... Read more
Shot in the deserts of Arizona, Antonioni's first American film tells of two young people whose paths cross for a single day and night. In the morning he goes to his death, and the girl escapes into fantasy, depicted in the final spectacular scene of the film. ... Read more
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