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"Hugely entertaining and quite magical … a film of huge ambition, intense political commitment and a love of humanity, and of storytelling." – Screen International ... In Portugal, over 600 shipyard workers are being laid off. An apiarist fights off an invasion of foreign bees. An African wizard creates an aerosol spray that cures impotence in world leaders and IMF financiers. A judge puts a cocke... Read more
"An extraordinary one-off phenomenon … Arabian Nights is constantly surprising and mutable, hugely entertaining." – Film Comment ... Scheherazade's enchanting tales of modern Portugal continue: an elderly criminal becomes a folk hero as he successfully evades hordes of police; a stern judge oversees a case involving 13 stolen cows, mail-order brides, a genie and a machete-wielding human lie detect... Read more
"This is cinema that tries to change the world, and strives to evolve the ways in which cinema can be made and watched." – IONcinema ... The enigmatic narrator of the trilogy finally takes centre stage. Scheherazade, the daughter of the grand vizier, weaves tales to please the king and stay her own execution. Realising she will soon run out of stories to tell, she hatches a plan to escape the pala... Read more
Tabu (MIFF 2012) director Miguel Gomes explores personal and political memory through four stories that combine archival film with intimate monologues about loss and regret, to present a unique perspective of European history. ... Screens in International Shorts 1. ... Read more
"An impressively dense yet fleeting concatenation of doomed love, colonial guilt [and] a reflection on the changing aesthetics and characteristics of cinema." - Cinema Scope ... Pilar is troubled by her neighbour, Aurora, a lonely, temperamental woman in her 80s who escapes to the casino whenever she has money and believes her maid is practising voodoo against her. On her deathbed, Aurora summons ... Read more
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