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"A tender, funny-sad journey into the messiness that is love." - Hollywood Reporter ... At 75 years old, Hal (Christopher Plummer) is only recently out of the closet, dying of cancer, and determined to finally be faithful to himself. Sad-eyed Oliver (Ewan McGregor) is his son, confused by but encouraging of his father's decision. As his father embraces the contours of a new life, Oliver confronts ... Read more
Designer/filmmaker Mike Mills (who has worked with the likes of Beastie Boys, Sonic Youth, Beck, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Air) turns his lens on that two-wheeled denizen of the suburban streets at dawn: the humble paperboy. It is Mills' fascinating technique and probing style that makes this film compulsive viewing. With a feel approaching David Lynch's Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks, Mills dig... Read more
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