Films By Milagros Mumenthaler

An intimate study of sisterly dynamics in a time of transition. ... Drawing on memories from her own life as a young girl, Milagros Mumenthaler's debut feature is set in Buenos Aires at the end of a summer and against a soundtrack of soft folk music from the 60 and 70s. Three sisters must adjust to life in the crumbling mansion they shared with their grandmother, and guardian, who has recently die... Read more
A woman's idyllic childhood recollections are suffused with the tragedy of Argentina's recent past in Milagros Mumenthaler's follow-up to her award-winning Back to Stay. ... Inès has just one picture of her father, a presumed victim of the Argentine state purges of the late 1970s. As she prepares for her own impending motherhood, she completes a photographic project inspired by reminiscences of su... Read more
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