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Films By Nikola Majdak

Using newsreel and archive material, together with specially shot footage, this film shows the life work of Yugoslav athletes. ... Read more
Life is good in Rabbitland - its rabbit inhabitants have reached the highest stage of evolution where they have no brains and happily spend their days voting in the free and democratic elections. ... D Ana Nedeljkovic, Nikola Majdak Jr P Jelena Mitrovic, Lazar Lalic S Ana Nedeljkovic WS Ba&scaron ... Read more
The work of the painter and graphic artist, Janez Bernik, is well known, both in Yugoslavia and beyond its borders. The paintings of this outstanding artist form the basic inspiration for the film, which deals with both Bernik's position in the world, and with modern art in general. ... Read more
Ghosts and vampires on a lark in the neighbourhood cemetery. ... Read more
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