Films By Patricio Guzman

Well known for his landmark Battle of Chile trilogy, which received considerable international exposure and press coverage during the 1970's, Patncio Guzman returned to his native country m 1986 to shoot this documentary dealing with the role of the Roman Catholic Church in Chile during the years following the coup, with special emphasis on its human rights stance. ... After the coup d'etat by Pin... Read more
An extraordinary viewing experience that has to be seen on the big screen. ... With this film, set in one of the driest place in the world - Chile's Atacam desert - filmmaker Patricio Guzmán uses the desertscape and the skies above it for a meditation on space, time, history and politics. ... Guzmán's search occurs on parallel planes - the celestial and the terrestrial. While astronomers scour the... Read more
"A vivid, essential portal to understanding not only the heritage of a nation, but also the art of nonfiction cinema." – Indiewire ... Chile's coastline extends for 4000 kilometres, with the expanse of the Pacific Ocean providing the country's western border. For the land's original inhabitants, cruelly massacred by European settlers, this water was part of everyday life. For over a thousand polit... Read more
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