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Errigal (Patrick Carey, 1968)
Characters in order of appearance: the mountains of Donegal. ... Place: Ireland. ... Time: the ages. ... Plot: the battle with the elements. ... Dialogue: natural sound and music. ... A filmed play a… Read more

Oisín (Patrick Carey, 1969)
Made as a contribution to European Conservation Week, Oisin is a moving record of the stark and simple glories of primitive nature and its sounds. ... There are no humans, no buildings, no music and … Read more

Water Birds (Patrick Carey, 1968)
A series of lyrical studies of the movements and colours of water birds to music by Debussy. ... Read more

Wild Wings (Patrick Carey, John Taylor, 1965)
With many fascinating shots of rare species of wildfowl, this colour film documents the twin duties - observation and protection - of the Wildfowl Trust in Gloucestershire. ... First Prize, Vancouver… Read more

Yeats Country (Patrick Carey, 1965)
Yeats has a deep love of the countryside of Western Ireland. This film, commemorating the centenary of the birth of the poet, portrays his feelings in terms of his poems, as well as creating its own … Read more

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