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A classic touchstone of animation in Europe, this award-winning gem has rarely been seen by English-speaking audiences. ... The kingdom of Tachycardia is ruled over by the mean-tempered King Charles - he hates everyone, and everyone hates him right back. So much so that when the king becomes infatuated with a painting of a beautiful shepherdess, the girl flees the canvas with her chimney sweep lov... Read more
A primitive tribe lives isolated in an oasis. The ground is scattered with precious stones and on top of a totem pole glitters the most beautiful diamond in the world. ... One day an unscrupulous traveller arrives in a flying machine. He tries to get the jewel in exchange for some umbrellas, whose usefulness in provoking rain he proceeds to demonstrate, using the secret methods at his disposal. ..... Read more
In the kingdom of Takicardie. a cross¬eyed, pinched-face tyrant. King Charles V + 111 = V111 + V111 = XV1, loves a charming shepherdess. But she loves and is loved by a little chimneysweep. Aided by a wily, impertinent mockingbird, who wears a top-hat and nests above the king's private apartments with his children. the lovers escape to the sunless lower city, but are soon captured. The bird instig... Read more
A story by Ambrose (°‘Billcr") Bierce. ... who will be remembered for his ... “Incident at Owl Creek Bridge". A ... starving orphan girl on Christmas ... night. dreaming of goodies, has a tart ... plop at her feet as midnight strikes. ... She holds out her apron for more- ... and gets it. ... Read more
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