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Films By Paul Joyce

Although Wim Wenders produced what are arguably amongst the most original and important films of the past two decades there has been no detailed study of his work on film until now. ... Paul Joyce and Chris Rodley, whose previous film biographies have covered the careers of Nic Roeg, Nagisa Oshima ... Read more
An enthralling look at a footnote to Hollywood history, this is essentially a straightforward overview of the phenomenal rise and fall of the American independent film production company B.B.S., the creative force behind the making of such 'alternative' milestones as Easy Rider, 69, Five Easy ... Read more
Never an easy or comfortable 'talent' to accept, legendary director Sam Peckinpah's working life was continually damaged by front office interference, in tandem with his tendency towards self-destruction. This powerful combination, together with a reputation for excessive use of violence in his ... Read more
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