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Let's Have a Party (Paul Verhoeven, 1963)
A bitter-sweet tale, told with discretion and understanding, of the first love of a shy 15-year-old schoolboy. ... St. Finbarr Statuette, Cork Festival. ... Read more

THE COLD HEART (Paul Verhoeven, 1950)
A dramatic fantasy, in colour, of a handsome young peasant who pledges his heart to an inimical wood demon in exchange for worldly prosperity. But without a heart, he loses the means of enjoying his … Read more

THE FOURTH MAN (Paul Verhoeven, 1983)
In the hands of the successful Dutch film trio, producer Rob Houwer, Director Paul Verhoeven and scriptwriter Gerad Soetemna, Gerard Reve's spirited, ironical novel develops into and intriguing, atmo… Read more

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