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Australian Bush (Paul Winkler, 1986)
Paul Winkler, one of Australia's foremost stylistic and technical innovators devised 'The Matte-Box Image Shifter' to achieve in-camera effects usually achieved by optical printing. ... Still photos … Read more

Ayers Rock (Paul Winkler, 1982)
A free interpretation of Australian Aborigine's belief about their rock - Ayers ... Rock. ... Read more

Capillary Action (Paul Winkler, 1997)
Water attraction and repulsion is reconstructed cinematographically by one of Australia's longest standing and most uncompromising experimental filmmakers. The artificiality of nature is made explici… Read more

Dark (Paul Winkler, 1974)
Using experimental camera techniques, the film expresses the explosion of pent-up emotions relating to the coming out of the Australian Aboriginal from Dreamtime to Action-time. ... Read more

Double Graffiti (Paul Winkler, 2012)
Paul Winkler (Shooting Arrows, MIFF 2012) continues to explore street art and how it is perceived in this stylish and playful presentation of found graffiti pieces. ... World Premiere. ... D/P/S Paul… Read more

Elevated Shores (Paul Winkler, 1993)
This new work by former Erwin Rado award-winner (Long Shadows, 1992) is a masterpiece of over a decade's worth of concentrated experimentation into the boundaries of possibility in optical printing a… Read more

Facades (Paul Winkler, 1987)
Facades: "The frustration of mankind at traffic lights" - standing in the thick of traffic in any main city trying to cross a street is a daunting task. Traffic and tension can be enormous. The filmm… Read more

Faint Echoes (Paul Winkler, 1988)
Metaphors explode sometimes. Faint Echoes is concerned with the act of watching and being watched. Crowd scenes from baseball movies are combined with sequences from Triumph of The Will where Hitler … Read more

Incongruous (Paul Winkler, 1984)
Ordinary city images of our daily city environment are photographically reshaped to produce a new set of seemingly incongruous images, revealing a black humour: after all, it's all just water off a d… Read more

Long Shadows (Paul Winkler, 1991)
The red-washed openmg passage of Paul Win­kler's new him is mesmeric, it is almost numb­ing, the Long Shadows of its title could be those of a sunset, those at the last daylight of time They … Read more

Popkitsch (Paul Winkler, 2006)
This is a film impossible to pin down. The master at unnerving audiences with the mundane is at it again with a virtuoso performance of 'reveal and take away'. Be prepared to choke on the vomit of yo… Read more

Rotation (Paul Winkler, 1998)
Rotation continues Paul Winkler's graphic representation of traumatised space. The architecture of rotation is like a series of colourful mobile postcards. The foreboding film noir sound collides mis… Read more

Scars (Paul Winkler, 1972)
The film gives expression to the reaction of its director to the mutilation and destruction of trees by man, in the cause of progress. ... 1973 Australian Film Institute Awards - Silver Award ... Read more

Shooting Arrows (Paul Winkler, 2011)
Paul Winkler (Popkitsch, MIFF 07), one of Australia's most uncompromising experimental filmmakers, returns with his 16th film in MIFF - a lyrical montage of juxtaposed street-art images, set on rotat… Read more

Sydney-Bush (Paul Winkler, 1980)
A confrontation between the city of Sydney and its environment... seductive bush images of native animals and fauna trying to fight off encroachment by man. A matter of Lebensraum'. or living space'. ... Read more

Traces (Paul Winkler, 1983)
An experimental film exploring the relationship between Time and the traces it leaves on the world in cinematic terms: the 29 minutes running time of the film is opposed to the images embedded in the… Read more

Urban Spaces (Paul Winkler, 1980)
The film deals with close environmental spaces within the city limits of Sydney ... fragmentation of spaces between people and their immediate surroundings The filmic images create artificial spaces … Read more

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