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Allegro Ma Troppo (Paul de Roubaix, 1962)
The reverse side of civilised living, with ourselves ihe inhuman marionettes jerked by strings of our own making. ... Diploma of merit, Edinburgh Festival; Prix du Groupes des Trente, Tours Festival;… Read more

Attacus (Paul de Roubaix, 1970)
Europe's largest butterfly, the Attacus or Samia Cynthia, is to be found only in Paris. Its country of origin is Japan, whence the Abbe Guerin brought a few cocoons secretly in 1858. The caterpillars… Read more

Le prix d'une vie (Paul de Roubaix, )
An ecological study placed within ... the context of the preparations ... for the birth of a child. As a new ... life emerges, a cycle is continued, ... an all-embracing cycle which ... includes the … Read more

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