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Films By Peter Delpeut

"Actually the story was incredible, but it impressed everyone because substantially it was true True was Emma Zunz' tone, true was her shame, true was her hate. True also was the outrage she had suffered: only the circumstances were false, the time and one or two proper names." ... - Jorge Luis ... Read more
Lyrical Nitrate is a compilation of film fragments dating from the period 1905-1915. They originate from the collection of films of Jean Desmet, the first film distributor, which is currently being preserved by the Netherlands Filmmuseum. ... Surprisingly, these films were originally exhibited in ... Read more
Breathtaking silent-era footage of polar exploration is exploited to surprising — some have said outrageous — effect in this tall tale of mystery and imagination. However you view this elegant act of archival showmanship, one thing is certain: it's the footage, shot (by Frank Hurley ... Read more
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