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Films By Peter Raymont

A fascinating look at a legend in the classical music scene, which delves into the man behind the carefully cultivated public persona. ... Renowned for his interpretations of Bach, pianist Glenn Gould burst onto the performance scene to great fanfare before shunning public performance for the rest ... Read more
In 1994, one man was given the task by the United Nations to ensure that peace was maintained in Rwanda: General Romeo Dallaire. ... In 100 nightmarish days more than 800,000 men, women and children were brutally murdered. Dallaire was thrown into a country he barely understood, leading ill ... Read more
An enormous amount of news and current affairs media is never analysed on film, and the public is left to wonder how events actually happened to get reported. ... In this brilliant film on reporting from Nicaragua, we have an opportunity to see how American television news in particular is ... Read more
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