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"Philippe Grandrieux's latest undulating nightscape of extreme behaviour is part raw poetry and sublime atmosphere and part swaggering nihilism and violent shock." – AnOther Magazine ... One of cinema's most audacious and provocative auteurs, Philippe Grandrieux (A Lake, MIFF 2008; La Vie Nouvelle, MIFF 2002; Sombre, MIFF 1998) returns to the festival with his newest trip into the spectral netherw... Read more
This tribute to radical Japanese writer-director Masao Adachi is the first in a series of retrospectives from filmmaker Philippe Grandrieux (A Lake, MIFF 2009). ... Grandrieux's incendiary series is dedicated to filmmakers informed by a sense of deep political agitation - a criteria that far-left cinematic insurrectionist Masao Adachi (Gushing Prayer, MIFF 2009) qualifies for handily. ... After pr... Read more
Be prepared for a singular, disturbing film expenence. Set in an undisclosed location, most probably somewhere in war ravaged Eastern Europe, a group of men undertake a number of nefarious activities, including the operation of underground clubs and dens. However, Grandrieux is not overly concerned with plot. Instead, in this modem take on the myth of Orpheus, he unleashes a visual and aural assau... Read more
“Confirms Grandrieux as a true original.” - Variety ... Installation artist and cinematic visionary Philippe Grandrieux (La Vie Nouvelle, MIFF 03) creates a monochromatic, snow-bound wilderness, a harsh, remote wonderland occupied by epileptic woodcutter Alexi and his family. ... Alexi carries a barely suppressed desire for his sister Hege - but the arrival of a stranger threatens to upend his iso... Read more
Sombre is one of the most confrontational films in this year's Festival programme. The intimacy with which director Philippe Grandneux explores a chapter in the life of a roaming serial murderer is at once compelling and repellent. Grandrieux bears all the marks of a major directorial talent and, although his career in film and video extends back three decades, he has chosen this, his first featur... Read more
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