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Films By René Clair

This early Clair film was to be the entr'acte between the two parts of Rolf de Mare's Swedish ballet "Relache". Picabia intended it to be a procession of dreamlike cerebral images, divorced from the pretensions and hypocrisies of conventional life, entirely de¬voted to the pleasure of ... Read more
In the last year we have been fortunate enough in Melbourne to see two of the three classic films made by Rene Clair in the early 30's. Sous le Toits de Paris and A Nous la Liberte. Now we have the third and perhaps the most gay and fantastic, Le Million, which swept Clair and his films to the ... Read more
One of the first films made by Rene Clair, Paris Qui Dort gives a foretaste of that leaning to' fantasy which contributed so much to Clair's later work and made him one of the outstanding directors of the French screen. It tells the story of an inventor who discovers a ray which can make the whole ... Read more
Following the First World War, the Impressionist: school and the "avant-garde" tried to break the French commercial producers from the routine adaptations which formed the bulk of their work. They had met with some success when the bombshell of sound rendered most of their equipment obsolete and ... Read more
Le Fantorne du Moulin Rouge was notable for the various uses Clair made of the cameras resources, sometimes “giving objects a three-dimensional effect by moving round them" (J. Bourgeois). The story shows how the disembodied spirit of a man disappointed in love consoles himself by playing pranks ... Read more
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