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AUTOLUMINESCENT: ROWLAND S. HOWARD (Lynn-Maree Milburn, Richard Lowenstein, 2011)
"Rowland was Australia's most unique, gifted and uncompromising guitarist." - Nick Cave ... Guitarist, songwriter and artist Rowland S. Howard was an instrumental figure in the Australian rock scene,… Read more

DOGS IN SPACE (1986) (MA15+) (Richard Lowenstein, 1986)
Back in 1986, Dogs in Space condensed an era, immortalised a rock star and stepped straight into our collective unconscious.To celebrate its digital restoration, MIFF is proud to reawaken this disson… Read more

Evictions (Richard Lowenstein, 1979)
A documentary on police enforced evictions in the Great Depression of the 30s, and the tactics of the organised unemployed of the time to combat the situation. Based on the memories of Noel Counihan … Read more

HE DIED WITH A FELAFEL IN HIS HAND (Richard Lowenstein, 2001)
Noah Taylor plays Danny, a neurotic now living in his 47th share house. He wants desperately to be a writer on the level of Dostoevski but can't get past obsessing over the reasons why his girlfriend… Read more

SAY A LITTLE PRAYER (Richard Lowenstein, 1992)
It's the summer holidays — the seemingly endless summer of eleven-year-old Seymour. A lonely boy grounded with a fussy guardian in an inner city suburb, Seymour is bored and unhappy with his co… Read more

WE'RE LIVIN' ON DOG FOOD (Richard Lowenstein, 2009)
This film began life as a ‘making of' and snowballed into a testament to an era. ... Dogs in Space director Richard Lowenstein has gathered a who's who of Melbourne's underground music scene, s… Read more

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