Films By Richard Williams

A film adaptation of the tale by Charles Dickens. ... Read more
Using live action clips, still photography, and various animation techniques, Richard Williams illustrates a lecture given by Christopher Logue on the human situation. Awards: Gold Prize, Mannheim Festival; Special Jury Prize, Annecy Festival. ... Read more
A film with a moral? When it comes to love, no one really has it good, especially stuffed alligators named Charlie. Award: Diploma of Merit, Edinburgh Festival. ... Read more
Three men land on a tiny, deserted island. One believes in Trught, one in Goodness and one in Beauty. For several days they are content to sit in the sun and get brown. Then each indulges in a long private vision, to the mystification of the other two. Truth's vision is the most abstract, a patterned medley of hints from many philosophies. Beauty favours flowers and flute solos, the manias of crit... Read more
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