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Health is Robert Altman in one of his broad fresco satires of American conventions. And here his subject is a convention — a health food convention in Florida. The script was written by Frank Barhydt. a freelance journalist who developed the idea while working for a health magazine. Barhydt spent three years travelling to health-food conventions all over America, gradually piecing the script toget... Read more
Images proceeds like an Escber drawing, like a dragon reaching out and back into the screen, into the mind, into the fractured visions of Cathryn, beautiful, privileged and fragile as glass. ... Her husband, Hugh, impotently rich, is unaware of his wife's discoloured world; he cackles inanely, puffs cigars, game hunts, and plays with his tripod camera. ... Theirs is an affluent life of deceptive s... Read more
... ... In his new film Robert Altman introduces his old home town and trademark touches including the complex inter-relationship between different lives (and plot lines) and his masterly ear for music, this time hot, vintage jazz. All roads lead to Kansas City, the Las Vegas of the 30s, a wild town driven by swindles, gangsters, gambling and music. Race, violence and some of the finest Jazz playe... Read more
“Not since Woody Allen's Radio Days has anyone created such a cinematic Valentine to the wonderfully imaginative medium of radio as A Prairie Home Companion.” - Hollywood Reporter Protean filmmaking veteran Robert Altman creates a rib-tickling and highly engaging yarn about a supposedly fictitious radio variety show that has managed to survive a healthy tenure in the age of television. Concocted f... Read more
First, a peek at the initial events of the film. The seal he hunts now being extinct, Essex is persuaded by his girl. Vivia. to return to the city he left ten years ago with the Earth paralyzed by a new ice age. In the snowbound city, where the ageing citizens die like flies and are eaten by dogs, Essex locates his brother Francha, who is amazed by Vivia's youth and by the fact that she is pregnan... Read more
... ... In what may be the best work of two illustri­ous careers, the ever-innovative Robert Altman joined forces with Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau, to create a presidential candi­date, Jack Tanner, and then ran him alongside the other hopefuls in the 1988 US election cam­paign! A playful mockumentary made for the US cable network Home Box Office and never before seen in Australia, Tanner '88 ... Read more
Antiheroic, unshaven slob Philip Marlowe (Elliott Gould) lives in a contemporary Los Angeles that seems to have completely passed him by. Marlowe is perpetually mum­bling under his breath the mantra, "It's OK with me", not unlike Popeye, a cartoon character that director Altman would later bring to the screen with unfortunate results. A cigarette constantly dangles out the side of his smartass mou... Read more
... ... Robert Altman's inventive black comedy represents a triumphant return from the wilderness and his most accomplished work since Nashville (1975). Based upon Michael Tolkin's satirical novel of celluloid delusions and hypocrisy, it involves a ruthlessly ambi­tious and self-absorbed studio executive named Griffin Mill (Tim Robbins) who, enmeshed in a studio power struggle, murders a writer an... Read more
Robert Altman based the story of Three Women on a dream he had, ... and the film, the central theme of which is psychological dependency, retains certain elements of dreamlike elusiveness. ... The setting is the desert: a Palm Springs spa for old people, where Millie (Shelley Duvall) and her roommate-disciple-admirer, the younger Pinky (Sissy Spacek), work as physiotherapists. Millie, a willing pr... Read more
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