Films By Robert Glinski

In Poland they're called the 'Blocker Generation', Eastern Europe's version of the A Clockwork Orange's Nadsat youth. With no life goals, no values and no sense of 'good' and 'evil', they drift through hours of cigarettes, drink, drugs and excess. Tereska is a sensitive girl dreaming of a career in fashion design but trade school and the new friends she makes there detour her down a different, and... Read more
A disquieting tale of teenage prostitution on the Polish-German border. ... In the early 90s, with the border controls removed between Poland and Western Europe, adolescents in a struggling Polish town find a way to get a piece of the affluence to be found just across the river in Germany - by selling their bodies. ... Screenwriter Joanna Didik lived for 20 years in the same town in which Piggies ... Read more
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