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"... A poetic and upbeat celebration of the quiet beauty in unremarkable lives... wonderfully shot and edited with a vivid sense of place and an immensely appealing cast, A la Place du Coeur is a touching portrait of the dif­ferent kinds of love that bind its characters."—Screen International ... "A warmly textured slice of humanist cinema... A look at an average blue-collar family through the pri... Read more
[The Last Mitterrand] is a captivating portrayal of the compelling and complex Francois Mitterrand. Equally, it is a consummate tale of power, idealism, history and memory. ... Rising to power in 1981, when socialism was in its death throes elsewhere in Europe, Mitterrand led France's first socialist government until shortly before his death in 1996. ... Based on a book by Georges-Marc Benamou, Ro... Read more
One of the most respected and loved filmmakers working in France today, Robert Guédiguian has built a career weaving achingly beautiful narratives in his beloved home town of Marseille. Utilising many of the same ensemble of actors from previous films - including his wife Ariane Ascaride and Jean-Pierre Darroussin from À la place du coeur (MlFF 1999) - Guédiguian's latest was in Official Competiti... Read more
In his powerful [My Father Is an Engineer], renowned director Robert Guediguian offers a socially and politically engaged observation of race, humanism and social ideals in a changing world. ... Doctors Natacha (Ariane Ascaride) and Jeremie (Jean-Pierre Darroussin) have been sweethearts since childhood, their lives intimately connected by love and profession. But while the idealist Natacha is comm... Read more
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