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Films By Robert J. Flaherty

This was Robert Faherty's last major film before his death on July 23, 1951, at the age of 67. It wa a worthy successor to his other great films Nanook of the North, Moana, and Man of Aran. ... Flaherty was an innovator, and had a great influence on the development of the film. Nanook was a unique ... Read more
"Man of Aran" comes closer than "Nan-ook of the North" or "Moana" to the life we know or our forebears knew, to our racial past. . . . The nameless man of Aran is separated from us only by the genera-lions that brought towns and machines and easy living to our own kind. He even speaks a language ... Read more
Moana begins quietly, showing the life of the natives in their (to us) exotic environment. By implication the common humanity of ourselves and these remote people is established. In this section the story of the youthful life of the young native who is the film "hero" begins. The next section shows ... Read more
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