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Films By Roberto Rossellini

In 1959, General Della Rovere received the Golden Lion Award at the Venice Festival and the O.I.C.C. Award; thus, it is the first significant film to be made in many years by the noted director of Open City. ... The story belongs to the time of the German occupation of Northern Italy. Bertone, a ... Read more
The story of a small boy, Edmund, and his struggle for existence amidst the desolate ruins of Berlin. Edmund has to compete with those who are older and more experienced in the fight for survival. He lacks any firm standards and seeks a guide to conduct in the words and actions of others. Despite ... Read more
With "The Wanderer" Rossellini abandoned for the first time his theme of postwar conditions to make a simple and beautiful film. It is dedicated to the art of Anna Magnani, who is the only professional actress in the cast and is never absent from the screen. Her part is that of a simple-minded ... Read more
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