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Go Further Canada'Dubbed 'The next Bowling For Columbine' at last year's Toronto Film Festival. A much needed dose of levity for the eco-movement, Ron Mann's (Twist, MIFF 1993; Grass MIFF 2000) road documentary has its priorities exactly right. It's funny and anarchic entertainment first, the bearer of alarming news second.'The premise is simple. Woody Harrelson (a passionate eco-crusader) hooks u... Read more
Ron Mann's long overdue project is an hilarious and illuminating film about one of the most controversial drugs of the twentieth century—marijuana. Weed activist Woody Harrelson narrates this laugh-out-loud look at the misguided policies of a succession of paranoid US governments, who proclaim, "If you smoke it, you will go insane'. Utilising rare archival footage, which wonderfully documents anti... Read more
It was the dance that changed a generation. Never before had white America played so loose with its body. Coming along right when rock and roll needed a new jolt, the Twist fast became an international phenomenon, and the bell tolled, signaling the end of America's WASP reserve. It was scary. ... Ron Mann (Comic Book Confidential) brings us his new feature documentary, Twist, which captures the wh... Read more
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