Films By Ross Gibson

A film on the history of white Australian landscape fantastic protections, fields of vision, crash sites, proving grounds Tracing 200 years of images of the continent it charts the contours of a mythic realm and a geographical entity. ... Read more
From its striking opening sequence of (seemingly) casual observations from a bus window, Dead To The World looks, feels and sounds different from any Australian film we've seen. It bravely and successfully sweeps aside Australian cinema's traditional predilection with naturalism, in favour of a bold and genuinely original style. ... it's a finely crafted work from Sydney based collective Huzzah Pr... Read more
Wild focuses on the stories and legends of one tract of land, the Pilliga Forest in northwest New South Wales. How do the dynamic processes of history and ecology work to produce meanings, warnings and systems of wisdom in the location where our lives take place? Integrating a selection of old audio tapes, home movies, animations and dramatic enactments, the film shows us that the shape of the lan... Read more
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