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Saturday October 5th- ROY ANDERSSON SHORTS (Roy Andersson, )
A black and white 1960s urban drama about the day a young Swedish man spends with his girlfriend, and anxiety's intrusion upon it. ... Not in competition ... --- D/P Roy Andersson WS Swedish Film Ins… Read more

Something Happen- ROY ANDERSSON SHORTS (Roy Andersson, )
This AIDS-awareness film was deemed too dark for distribution in 1991; its pitch-black vignettes are hypnotising and poetic. ... Not in competition ... --- D/P/S Roy Andersson WS Swedish Film Institu… Read more

Something Happened (Roy Andersson, 1987)
This should be seen as a fragment of a larger, uncompleted project meant to contribute to the AIDS debate. Begun in'86 and called off in '87, the National Board of Health and Welfare of Sweden, havin… Read more

Co-winner of the Jury prize at this year's Cannes Film Festival (sharing the prize with Blackboards, also showing at MIFF), Songs From the Second Floor is an alarmingly funny and bold film. ... 'Song… Read more

To Fetch a Bike- ROY ANDERSSON SHORTS (Roy Andersson, )
Beautiful black and white photography captures a brief moment with a young couple almost paralysed by ennui. ... Not in competition ... --- D/P/S Roy Andersson WS Swedish Film Institute L Swedish w/E… Read more

Visiting One's Son (Roy Andersson, )
The casual cruelty of parenthood meets with the nonchalance of youth. This is Andresson at work in the social milieu in which he excels. ... Not in competition ... --- D/P/S Roy Andersson WS Swedish … Read more

World of Glory- ROY ANDERSSON SHORTS (Roy Andersson, )
This bleak social criticism is an expression of European shame over the Holocaust. It contains one of cinema's most provocative images. ... Not in competition ... --- D/P/S Roy Andersson WS Swedish F… Read more

YOU, THE LIVING (Roy Andersson, 2007)
“You, the Living is about the human being, about her greatness and her miserableness, her joy and sorrow, her self-confidence and anxiety. A being at whom we want to laugh and also cry for. It is s… Read more

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