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"Ruy Guerra's Mueda deals with an incident on the Mozambique border with Tanzania twenty years ago: the villagers of Mueda demanded their rights from the Portuguese colonial magistrate in the area, which led to a massacre of some 600 people when things got out of hand. Guerra, one of the founders of Brazil's 'Cinema Novo', shot the picture in just two days on the same location where it all took pl... Read more
Non-professional actors re-enact the brutal massacre of Mueda with raw authenticity in this powerful and meta African classic that returns to MIFF after 37 years. ... In 1960, in the Mozambique town of Mueda, the Portuguese Empire gunned down 600 protesters in one of the most violent incidents of the nation’s colonial rule. Decades later, director Ruy Guerra returned home from Brazil, where he was... Read more
Veteran director Ruy Guerra has directed Brazil's first musical - a handsome, large budget production freely adapted from Brecht's Threepenny Opera, crossed with splashings of Busby Berkeley and Vincente Minnelli. Guerra's film is set among the 'malandro' of Rio de Janeiro in 1941 - a collection of pimps, thieves, smugglers and hustlers who appear unmoved by Brazil's support for German and Italian... Read more
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