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Films By Sabine Hiebler, Gerhard Ertl

Cheers (Sabine Hiebler, Gerhard Ertl, 1995)
Proceeding from the mythic Northern European content of what looks like a butter commercial. Prost takes on a curiously ghoulish quality Its footage degenerates becomes solarised and is reorganised w… Read more

NOGO (Sabine Hiebler, Gerhard Ertl, 2001)
"Billed as a gas station triptych, Nogo spins together three separate stories about young couples obsessively bound together against the world before uniting the six characters in an explosive finale… Read more

Spotcheck (Sabine Hiebler, Gerhard Ertl, 1994)
Spotcheck is a work upon the genre of TV ads and looks at the world that advertising has wrought. A visually stimulating piece which provokes questions and thoughts. ... Read more

Transcoder (Understanding Lydia) (Sabine Hiebler, Gerhard Ertl, 1998)
Taking an alternative and perhaps satirical look at the reputation of the traditional advertising image, Hiebler & Ertl dare to offer these often shunned images some credibility. Could they even be a… Read more

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