Films By Samira Makhmalbaf

At Five in the Afternoon (Panj é Asr) Iran/France'at Five in the Afternoon takes the viewer on a harsh, at times poetic journey into the heart of Afghanistan today, serving as both an impassioned demand for women's rights and a searing portrait of a country left in ruins after its liberation from the Taliban. 'VarietyWinner of the Jury Prize at Cannes last year, this visually stunning film from 23... Read more
Direct from this year's Cannes Film Festival, where it was the co-winner of the Jury Prize, Blackboards is bold and provocative. The film opens with an almost surreal image of a group of male teachers crossing the mountainous paths of the remote Iranian-Kurdistan border region, carrying large blackboards on their backs. Wandering from village to village, in search of students, the sudden menacing ... Read more
In the poor south of Teheran, two young girls have spent the first 12 years of life locked up in their home. After several families in the street write to the Social Services to denounce their father, a social worker arrives to begin an inquiry. The father's annoyed response is that his daughters are like flowers: "They mustn't be exposed to the sun or they would soon fade." ... The Apple is the d... Read more
"Potent symbolism linked to a bizarre story rooted in fact, set in Iran and laden with political, social and generational overtones." - New York Times ... A truly remarkable achievement, The Apple (MIFF 1999) was directed by Samira Makhmalbaf at the age of 17 using leftover film stock from her father's (filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf) previous production. Upon its release in 1998 it won multiple fest... Read more
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