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The film is based on the poem, in which a carpenter builds a cross and speaks of his pride in his work and his reluctance to be involved with the situations which bring men to die on crosses. ... Goldsmith shows a multiplicity of modern creations, any one of which might have evil effect in the hands of the unjust. Where movement is required, he uses multiple exposure, getting a feathered, blurred ... Read more
The solar system pictured by film animator Sidney Goldsmith (whose Universe was screened at the 1961 Melbourne Film Festival) reflects new knowledge gained from man's probes into space. ... Read more
Daily, the communications media inundate us with scenes of horror. Minds become haunted by images conjured up by screen and newsprint. There is little respite from the shock waves of turmoil and suffering. ... Through the imaginative use of optical effects, the filmmaker integrates live newsreel footage with animated sequences of a dreamlike beach scene. The murky shades of trouble jar with the ha... Read more
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