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Films By Sophie Hyde

Meredith suffers a serious affliction - Elephantiasis: being showered with elephant-themed gifts on any occasion. It's a pity she hates elephants. ... --- ... D Sophie Hyde P Bryan Mason, Sophie Hyde S Danielle Wood TD HDCAM/2010 ... --- ... D Sophie Hyde P Bryan Mason, Sophie Hyde S Danielle Wood ... Read more
"Life in Movement has become much more than a biography or even a tribute to Liedtke's unique character and talent… this film is a moment of triumph." - Advertiser ... In 2007, the prestigious Sydney Dance Company made a surprising announcement: their new artistic director, a job at the ... Read more
At 6am Jeremy and Mark will go their separate ways. Their last ten hours together over one hot night will be punctuated with friends, fights and frustrations as they wait it out, each dealing with the loss of love in their own way.---D Sophie Hyde S Matthew Cormack P Rebecca Summerton TD ... Read more
Adelaide's Restless Dance Theatre presents a dance triptych about the games humans play to connect with one another. ... --- D Sophie Hyde, Paul Zivkovich, Kat Worth, Tuula Roppola P Closer Productions, Restless Dance Theatre TD digibeta/2009 ... Read more
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