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An animated comedy on man's efforts to fly. ... Read more
Decades in the making, Terry Gilliam’s near-mythical riff on Cervantes’ fantastic tale finally makes its debut, with Adam Driver as a cynical adman trapped in the delusions of an old shoemaker who believes himself to be Don Quixote. ... For years, it was thought to be impossible. Legendary filmmaker and one-time Monty Python member Terry Gilliam (12 Monkeys; Brazil) had tried and failed to film hi... Read more
“American Gothic Alice in Wonderland in which Alice is the logorrheic offspring of two flaming junkies and Wonderland is a pair of derelict Midwestern farmhouses seemingly furnished by Wisconsin cannibal Ed Gein.” - Village Voice ... This highly anticipated new feature from iconoclast Terry Gilliam is an hallucinatory tale set against wheat fields and prairies. It's told through the highly imagina... Read more
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