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Films By Tony Krawitz

[Unit #52] and [Into the Night] will screen with with [Jewboy]. ... Read more
A lost and fragile boy new to the streets. A wary teenager just thinking about the money. A wealthy man playing out a delicate and lonely game. Over one night their lives intersect in unexpected ways blurring the line between betrayer and betrayed. ... Read more
[Jewboy], which screened in Un Certain Regard at Cannes this year, announces the abundant talent of director Tony Krawitz. Set in the Chassidic community of Sydney, it concerns a young man named Yuri, recently returned from Israel, who turns his back on his strict Chassidic community. He yearns to ... Read more
Vince embarks on a surreal, drug addled journey into the night while his girlfriend works a double shift in a strip joint. Over one night, they journey into the depths of their hearts to find out what matters. ... Read more
[Unit #52] and [Into the Night] will screen with with [Jewboy]. ... Read more
A dark tale of delusion and fantasy. Beginning wrth an image of a postcard, a man is drawn into an unhealthy obsession with his neighbour. He becomes unable to discern between reality and illusion and dreams of taking her away from all this. Screened in Cannes 2003. ... Read more
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