Films By Toshio Matsumoto

For My Crushed Right Eye is a split-screen short by Toshio Matsumoto, constructed while he was shooting his masterwork, Funeral Parade of Roses. Sharing footage and using cuts from the feature project, this is a harried montage of unrest, sexuality and pop culture in the late 60s. ... Screens in triple projection for its showing at MIFF. ... --- D Toshio Matsumoto P Mitsuru Kudo WS Image Forum L n... Read more
“The child of a rich moment in history where all of the art forms commingled in an incredibly free playing field.” - Jim O'Rourke ... At the forefront of Japan's 60s avant-garde film revolution was filmmaker Toshio Matsumoto, whose whirling maze of sex, surrealism and psychedelic pop-art visuals paints a retelling of the Greek legend of Oedipus, but with a decidedly gay bent. ... The film follows ... Read more
Gengo is a samurai warrior whose code of honour is as rigid as the social stratification of the world through which he passes. Whilst his strength and courage in conflict is as admirable as that of 'the Westerner', his inability to come to terms with the limitations of his inflexibility is fraught with another kind of danger. ... When he is first seduced, then robbed by Koman, a young geisha, his ... Read more
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